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Lumens Reverse Light HID Conversion

Maximize light output when backing up

For those who need the brightest light possible when going in reverse! Our HID Conversions for reverse lights upgrades your existing incandescent bulb to true Xenon technology. Like all Lumens High Performance Lighting Xenon products, the ballasts in our reverse light kits output AC power rather than DC power like other brands on the market. This allows maximum light output and stability in the functionality of the product (ie. it still works under -10 degrees Celcius). Lumens Xenon Reverse Light Kits are universal to all reverse bulb types including: T10 base (194, 168, etc), 1156, 7440, and 3156.

Lumens Reverse Light HID Kit Lumens HID Reverse Light Kit vs Incandescent Bulb
Lumens Bi-Xenon (High and Low Beam) HID Conversion Kits

Xenon HID Conversions for bulbs that have high and low beams in one bulb

Kits include a pair of ballasts with mounting brackets, pair of bulbs, and one harness. For most vehicles, these parts should be sufficient to convert from halogen bulbs to Xenon HID technology. Additional installation accessories may be needed for vehicles equipped with CANBUS electrical systems, special signaling systems, light out indicators, etc.


Lumens Reverse Light HID Kit
Lumens Single Beam HID Conversion Kits

Single Beam Kit Contents

Xenon HID Conversions for single element bulbs

Kits include a pair of ballasts with mounting brackets and a pair of bulbs. Additional installation accessories may be required. Some instances in which additional parts are required include:

1. If the halogen being replaced is used as a daytime running light (DRL)
2. Vehicle is equipped with CANBUS electrical system
3. Special bulb adapter is required to hold the halogen bulb in place
4. Vehicle displays an error if a halogen bulb is blown