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Lumens XTREME LED Conversions Kits

What are LUMENS XTREME LED Conversion Kits?

LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode. XTREME LED conversion kits refer to a combination of led bulbs and led drivers. This technology was introduced in 2013 as a means to increase light output in headlight housings designed for standard halogen bulbs. Standard halogen bulbs 'burn' a filament inside the bulb to produce light. The bigger the 'burn', the more light you get. Unfortunately, this also produces more heat & draws more power. Lumens XTREME LED conversion kits uses the latest LED technology to produce substantially more light efficiently. Our conversion kits produces over 2 times more light than a standard halogen bulb. The LED conversion market is divided into 2 general groups: 1) those looking for cosmetic upgrades for their vehicles and 2) those who have difficulties seeing at night while driving.

Reasons to choose LUMENS XTREME LED conversions:


1. Reflector Bulb - each LED bulb is built with a patented reflector to maximize and disperse light generated by a high power LED


3. Additional plug and play accesories are available in case DRL voltage / current is below the driver's tolerance or if the electrical system in the vehicle is too sensitive to be fooled by our CANBUS circuitry.


2. Drivers - each driver is built with added circuity to handle low voltage / current from daytime running light circuits, and CANBUS error code elimination


4. Heat Dispersion - each LED bulb has a heat sink and fan to cool the LEDs which in turn would prolong the life of the bulb.

Available Bulb Types and Cross References *** NOTE: DO NOT USE IN PROJECTOR LENSES

Lumens XTREME LED Bulb Type

Halogen Bulb Type(s) that can be replaced


9004, 9007, HB1, HB5


9005, 9005XS, HB3, H10, 9040, 9045, 9055, 9140, 9145, 9155


9006, 9006XS, HB4


H4, 9003, HB2




H8, H9, H11, H11B(vehicle needs to be modified slightly)


H13, 9008


4114, 5202, 9009, H16, PS24W

Lumens XTREME LED Kit Contents

LUMENS XTREME LED Conversion Contents

LUMENS XTREME LED conversion kit contents

Each Lumens XTREME LED conversion kit contains:

1. 2 x LED bulbs (aside from 9006 bulbs, all other bulbs include a harness converting adapter)

2. 2 x LED Drivers

LED Conversion history

The past, present, and future of LED headlight conversions

Prior to 2013, companies had introduced direct replacement LED bulbs consisting of individual LEDs placed in different patterns to replace headlight bulbs. These designs created the illusion of having a brighter solution to standard halogen bulbs, but because the light emitted were not focussed properly, drivers would notice that they were experiencing less light output than traditional halogen bulbs. Our company did not offer any product of this design, as consumers would be unhappy with the effect after paying hard earned dollars for the items.

In 2014, LUMENS High Performance Lighting started to offer XTREME LED conversion kits. These kits were designed to maximize the light emitted by a pair of high power LEDs to work with the reflectors in a headlight housing. We were able to achieve this effect using a patented reflector design on the bulb to closely replicate the light pattern of a halogen bulb. Unlike the competition that simply use LEDs to output light, the reflector on our bulbs are directed and spread out to evenly disperse the light in the reflector housing.

Currently, there are generally 2 designs offered in the LED headlight conversion markets: 1) Seperate LED Bulb and Driver designs 2) All in one bulb & driver designs. Lumens XTREME LED conversion kits are designed with the LED bulb & Driver in 2 seperate pieces. Lumens HPL drivers have additional electronics incorporated inside to handle most daytime running light issues found in vehicles built for North America. Aside from daytime running lights, we've incorporated circuitry to handle CANBUS electrical systems found in a majority of todays vehicles. With today's technology, it would be impossible to incorporate all these electronics into an all-in-one design.

With vehicles becoming more sensitive to aftermarket conversions, most LED conversions offered in the market do not function properly in vehicles built for North America. Our drivers will function properly in most applications, but in cases where our drivers do not function properly, we offer additional plug and play accessories to rectify these issues.

We at LUMENS HPL are always striving to improve on our products, and in the upcoming years, LED conversions will replace HIDs as the brightest light source. Although our LED conversions provide the brightest light output compared with the competition, HIDs are still brighter. As LED technology progresses in the upcoming years, it will slowly replace HIDs as the brightest light source for headlights.

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